Friday, November 20, 2015

November 20 -- Robbi Nester

After a photograph: Salvador Dali With Vermeer and Rhino (1955)
By Robbi Nestor

Art is about nothing if not context.
Shown here, the artist,
perched on the edge
of the keeper’s wheelbarrow,
ponders his canvas.
On either side of the animal’s den,
symmetrically posed,
Vermeer’s  Lacemaker
and the rhino, ears perked,
regarding the famous painting
like a tourist.
The real and the human-made—
the artwork somehow affixed
to the cave wall,
the cave itself, not a natural
formation of wind and weather,
but composed carefully
of concrete, easy to clean
and care for,
nothing of the veldt.
Whose eye is this
that makes the artist
part of his own composition,
stationed among  hollow blocks
meant to resemble boulders,
a further comment 
on the juxtaposition

of life and art?

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