Friday, January 1, 2016

January 1 -- Cherise Wyneken

Oil by Vermeer

"Christ in the Home of Martha and Mary”

By Cherise Wyneken 

Burnt red – brooding walls
   reflect undercurrents
from three smoldering
   life-size forms.
A touch of petulance
   on Martha’s face;
a question from Christ
   pointing to polarity
   with fingertip and eyes;
cloistered at his feet
   Mary gazes –
   clinging to his words.
No tress of hair
   escapes bold folds
   of the women’s headgear,
no trace of breasts or jewels,
yet evocative        alluring
   patterned sashes, crimson clothes,
Mary’s feet unshod, knee
   fading into Jesus’ robes.             
Martha offers bread
   to satisfy the moment
a simple loaf in a basket –
a body – offered on the cross.
Previously published in A Kind of Hurricane Press

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