Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January 13 -- Marie Lecrivain

Ingres' ​
Grande Odalisque

Here you are, your cheeks freshened by the breeze.
I was not aware you were so petite.
The virtual world never mentioned these
facts. Why would they, as it’s their job to cheat
people like me into thinking you’re
larger than life, and that your lovely curves
are as famous as the snow on the pure
peak of Mount Everest. You’ve got my nerves
attenuated. I try to make sense
of the shock and embrace the irony,
but your sweet smile disarms my defense.
You know it. I’m won over. Quietly,
I salute you in your naked glory,
and then move aside for your next quarry.

previously published in Ekphrastria Gone Wild

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