Saturday, January 9, 2016

January 9 -- Grace Marie Grafton

Cat and a Ball

Her companion cat and how to make it
stronger, how to give it credit and
honor, really, for being such a mainstay
in her life. Sitting, mornings, in the sun
on the windowseat while she grumbles
out of bed, stumbles to the bathroom,
tells herself her dreams aren't real but
oh! she wishes to return to their ir-
reality, no matter how weird because
look at the weirdness of the everyday
human world. Her cat purrs as she
runs fingertips over its fur, she wishes
she could have a chat with its feline
mind, wishes she knew how to purr
and be entranced by a red ball,
small but irresistible reason to live.

"Cat and a Ball on a Waterfall"
Ursula Barnes, ca. 1948

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