Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February 3 -- Neil Ellman

Early Sunday Morning

(Edward Hopper, painting)

On the seventh day
of the seventh month
in a six-day town
the stores are shuttered
and window shades drawn.
It is another early Sunday morning
without a sun
and the people have abandoned
their everyday lives
for their faith
or an extra hour of sleep.

Chop Suey

(Edward Hopper, painting)

The streets are filled
with those who wonder
where they have been.
while the two of us
who eat Chop Suey
in Chinatown
at 11:00 pm
ponder what it will be like
at the end of time.


(Edward Hopper, painting)

Nighthawks speak
in the dim of night
alight where few can hear
their conversations
with the dark—
plaintiff questions
without an answer or a sound.

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