Sunday, February 7, 2016

February 7 -- Thomas Thomas

Paul Klee Cat and Bird

bird nests
above the cat's eye
free in danger


Piet Mondrian White Rose in a Glass

rose drinking its last
draught of life - bathed within
severe orange fire


Frederic Edwin Church The iceberg

tiny ship towered
over by small iceberg
in little ocean

insignificant planet
speck of solar system


Edgar Degas Laundry Girls Ironing

to cloud the pain
hasten the rush to death
escape life


Pablo Picasso Le Vieux Roi

power distorts
turns beauty - satisfaction


Georges Seurat Angelica at the rock (After ingres)

in this shame
eternity dressed
with your wealth


Blake's prints on Milton's Paradise Lost

Satan watches
Adam and Eve adoring embrace
Jealous of love

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