Monday, February 8, 2016

February 8 -- Grace Marie Grafton

The Womb

To enter the heat of that room,
undress slowly and watch her
edges disappear. She dreamed about
gold and how hard you must press
into the earth to open the vein.
At first it seemed easy, a magic
finger pointed in the right direction
between two eyes and the bones
of the pelvis. Then she realized
it took years of practice to find the opening
and how to operate the drill.
To empty, sit and apply the veil.
First she couldn't look into
the light even underground it was
too blinding. She feared it would never
let her go, wanted to say at the last
minute (before the floor broke through
and everything began to rush),
"Wait, I haven't thought it through."
                          to   Diane Darrow, "Womb Wonder"

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