Saturday, February 6, 2016

February 6 -- Don Kingfisher Campbell

Source of inspiration:

Photographers and titles of their photos:
1)      Paul Souders “The Luckiest Penguin”
2)      Scott Marmer “Leap of Faith”
3)      Alex Varani “The Boxer and Its Eggs”
4)      Emmanuel Rondeau “Rhino Bodyguards”
5)      Graham McGeorge “Master of Disguise”
6)      Morgan Heim “Beast in the Garden”
7)      Paul Souders “The Ice Bear”
8)      Pal Hermansen “Attack”
9)      Ray Collins “Snow-Capped Mountain”
10)  Ben Cranke “Reach for the Stars”
11)  Luciano Candisani “Sustainable But Threatened”
12)  Josh Anon “Aurora Over Lagoon”
13)  Todd Bretl “Bobtail Summetry”
14)  Emanuel Biggi “Curvy king”
15)  Russell Laman “Seals On Iceberg”

On a Planet Where

A penguin leaps away from a seal

A wildebeest jumps into a river

A boxer crab belly holds its hundred orange eggs

A white rhinoceros is protected by rifle-toting soldiers

An owl blends into a tree’s bark

A mountain lion nighthunts a wood-decked backyard

A polar bear dives between ice floes

A taloned sparrowhawk attacks a jay

An ocean wave mistaken for a snow-capped mountain

Bare trees like zombies reach up at night to the stars

A goggled boy floats in clear shallow ocean seeking starfish to place in his lipped plastic bowl

An aurora borealis streaks pink over an icy blue lagoon

A bobtail squid has eight curling symmetrical arms lined with nodules

A hook-horned Alpine ibex stares down from a cliff ledge

Seals sleep on an iceberg in Antarctica

Some humans internet search for nature photos to post on their Facebook feeds

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