Friday, December 11, 2015

December 11 -- Daryl Belcher

The boy and his cellphone

The response was oblivious
The butterfly was beautiful
The boy in his teens was 
looking down at his device
not conscious of the natural
beauty of the butterfly
too busy to even notice
just with the curvature 
of his spine like a 
crescent moon
always bent over 
looking down at
the cellphone 
texting his next
message or 
maybe playing
a game or two
never in the real 
world of living 
in California
where you could
be missing life
and still have 
your head down
diving into the 
keys and using the phone
to make your connection
when really it is not the 
social network you are 
but the natural world
you are missing

Picture was a newyorker mag I saw at the Dr. office 
by Carter Goodrich, who had the cover of a cartoon
pic with a teenager hunched over looking at his ph.

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