Sunday, December 20, 2015

December 20 -- Molly Neely

You Swear (Anna Althea Hills)

the sun skips merrily on the waves
while the trees sway lazily in the breeze
the call of an unknown bird echos in the distance
you swear you're standing at the edge of Heaven

the surf cries out its aquatic roar
and crashes against the ancient sand
with the scent of the sea pooling in the grass
you swear you've found the paradise lost

cool mosses creep out on the branches
and dust the air with its sticky pollen
minerals glisten on the face of the rock
you swear you've discovered a secret garden

shades of green melding with blue
the earth's veins running deep with gold
the Perfect Hand of God is before you
and you swear you've finally come home

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