Tuesday, December 29, 2015

December 29 -- Daryl Belcher

Jackson Pollock on Autumn Rhythm

With a drip, and adrizzle
Pollock flows in his artwork
in his mind, dreaming of 
abstract design

As we dance to the rhythm
with streams of blacks and 
browns like he understood the 
painting to become his vision

The patchwork drips
and the melody 
rendition he paints 
the catastrophic

folds in a gentle array
reminiscent of his form
as we know not what to 
believe, yet we know little

beyond the pain
men have endured
Ego performed in the 
light we see as

suffering of man
longing to free
the insanity of the 
abstract into a reality

of the darkened mind
As we hold on to what
is real like Jackson Pollock
saw in the reversed field

a better side than 
what is normal
He could see the 
obverse angle 

the thread of pain
causing the blend of 
suffering like the 
changes of the world 

as we are 
outside looking in
gazing at the drips
and the drizzles

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