Saturday, December 19, 2015

December 19 -- Joan Day

       looking for the light

On Astranomelly by Micheal Carini

…and in the beginning  the heavens
opened and an orchestra of light
was suddenly pulled into a 

void of space and this void was 
so forceful that the rays were 
trapped until they ricocheted off 
the horizon and were hurled outward…
my life sparkling with brilliant color  
when I was first drawn into your force  
so strong   so powerful I lost myself

gradually becoming a small particle of 
some unobtrusive matter  as my dreams
stars in the distant sky   scattered
quickly   collapsing while I was 

championing a false god
building my world around you  
building universes around you

until spiraling back to reality 
I uncovered the strength within me
to take back my dreams and discover 
my destiny

Joan E. Day
October 31, 2015 

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