Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14 -- Barbara Simmons

The poem:

Head of a Woman: Dora Maar, March 28, 1939
My private muse. ~ attributed to Pablo Picasso
Long before I saw you, I had pictured me.
After I had seen you, I pictured us.
That first encounter, Les Deux Magots,
I took my hand, stretched it on our café table,
Jabbed between each finger with my knife,
an act that fascinated me, and drew you in.
The Dora series shows my eyes gaze here and there,
staring into space to points unknown, 
holding your gaze, my lover.  The portrait I loved most,
the Dora three years into loving you,
you had me wear the burnt sienna top
you said smelled like the pungency of passion.
The labyrinthine necklace whorled its way,
unlike you, to the center of my heart;
the beryl background you provided
pushed me from you, to the darkest berm of being,
to my vanishing point, which you encouraged me to do
a few years later.

Collection Online | Pablo Picasso. Head of a Woman (Dora Maar). March 28, 1939 - Guggenheim Museum

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